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Golden Thought Of The Day

Golden Thought Of The Day Girls Express Their Feelings With Gussa And Tears . Boys Express Their Feelings With Sutta & Beers..


Adobe Photoshop CS5

Boy: Wow… You Look So Perfect with Incredible Body And Flower like skin… What do You Use ? . . . Girl : Adobe Photoshop CS5!



‘Boyfriend’ and ‘Boy Friend’ you see the little space that is called the friend zone.


Keep following your dreams

Girl: Why do you follow me all the time? Boy: Because, when I was kid, my parents always used to say ‘Keep following your dreams untill you get them’!


Saves owners lives

Boy: I am a super hero, guess my name? Girl: Superman, Ironman? Boy: No, Watchman, who saves owners lives!


Glorious Thinking By A Young

Glorious Thinking By A Young Girl: ‘I Will Marry a Love Failure Boy Because He Only Knows The Value of Love And He Only Can Give Me Real Love’

Good Day

All village people decided

All village people decided to pray for rain. On the day of prayer all but only 1 boy came with an umbrella. That’s faith. Have faith in urself & God. Have a Good Day!


Boys Have Fun By Teasing

Boys Have Fun By Teasing Girls, Then Girls Cry For Few Minutes Girls Have Fun By Loving Boys Then Boys Cry For Life Time! Funny But It IS Fact.. !


A Real Boy Knows

A Real Boy Knows How To Value A Relationship. No Matter How Many Girls Come, He Doesn’t Care. Because For Him, His Girl Is the Best.. !