Quotes and Images for Eye


Always remain poker face

You are the twinkle of my eyes; The smile on my lips; The joy of my face. And the sparkle of my heart. Without you, I shall always remain poker face!


My love and passion for you grows

My love and passion for you grows with each passing day; The thought of your gorgeous face takes my breath away; Those lotus eyes fill my heart with joy and happiness; Those hands I like to hold, luscious lips I love to kiss; And feel your long dense hair doing black magic!


Your smile is so sweet

Your smile is so sweet; Your voice is also sweet; Even your eyes are sweet; Your demeanour is all the more sweeter. In short, you are a sweetheart!


Sometimes in life its difficult

Sometimes in life its difficult to decide what’s wrong? ‘A Lie that draws a Smile on our Face’ Or ‘The Truth that brings Tears in our Eyes’.. !

Good Night

When eyes struggle to remain

When eyes struggle to remain open; When mind shuts off completely; It’s a signal to renew your energy; By sleeping and dreaming endlessly. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!


Need your prayers guys

Need your prayers guys, please remember me when you pray. I am scheduled for an optical appointment next Monday to have my eyes checked and possible procedure. Problems started just after the long Winter Break – every time I look in my wallet, I see nothing!


Love for you has no limit

I am thinking of you, every passing minute, Your eyes, your words, your touch, They do really mean that much! My love for you has no limit.


The biggest loss in life

The biggest loss in life ‘Tears in someone’s Eye BECAUSE OF YOU’ and the biggest achievement of life ‘Tears in someone’s Eye FOR YOU’.