Quotes and Images for Long - Page 2


Dont ever give

Don’t ever give up. Even when it seems impossible, Something will always pull you through. The hardest times get even worse when you lose hope. As long as you believe you can do it, You can.

Missing You

All day long

All day long, I hear people talking out loud. But when you talk to me, your sweet voice drowns out the crowd! I miss you.

Good Day


As long as we have memories.. Yesterday remains As long as we have Hope… Tomorrow Awaits As long as we are in touch… Everyday is a beautiful day.. Have a Nice day!!


Life is pretty much unpredictable

Life is pretty much unpredictable. I may not live long enough but I won’t miss out letting you know that life is worth living with someone like you around.


Night two legs

Q. Last but not least Secret of long life A. Morning two eggs, evening two pegs…… and night two legs


NO and YES are two short words

NO and YES are two short words which need A long thought… Most of the things we miss in life are because of saying NO toooo EARLY… AND YES toooo LATE…..


A notice in a factory for girl

A notice in a factory for girl workers. ‘If your skirt is long, protect yourself from machines at work.. If it is short, protect yourself from men at work’


A man was looking at a painting

A man was looking at a painting for a long time of a naked woman with leaves covering the body, he was asked what he was doing and he answered – waiting for autumn.