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Reason why I love you

You are like the sunshine so warm, you are like sugar, so sweet… you are like you… and thats the reason why I love you!

Good Night

Always end the night

Always end the night with a positive thought. no matter how hard the day may have been, there is always a reason to be grateful. Let tomorrow be a fresh start. Good Night and Sweet Dreams!

Good Night

The first person you think

The first person you think of in the morning and the last person you think of at night, is either the reason you are happy or the reason you are hurting. Good Night!


I love celebrating

I love celebrating with you. Thanks for having a birthday and giving us a reason to party hard! Birthday Greetings!

Good Day

I Want To Be The Reason Why

I Want To Be The Reason Why You Smile Every Morning, I Want To Be The Reason For The Happiness In Your Heart, The Spring In Your Step And The Song On Your Lips. Have A Great Day Ahead!

Missing You

Theres no special reason

There’s no special reason for this message… I just wanna steal a single moment out of your busy life and hope I can make you smile and say: I miss you!