Quotes and Images for Sun - Page 3

Good Day

Every sunset gives

Every sunset gives us one day less to live! But every sunrise give us one more day of hope. So always hope for the best. Good day and good luck!

Good Day

Night has ended for another day

Night has ended for another day; Morning has come in a special way; May you smile like the sunny rays; And leave your worries for some other day. Have a nice day!


To see light look

to see light look at the sun, to see love look at the moon, to see hope look at the future, to see beauty look at the nature, but to see all of this look at the mirroe!!

Good Morning


Rise and shine, the sun is rising. With the night and darkness gone. Wake up and keep on smiling, for the new morning has come. Good morning!


The sun shines so big

The sun shines so big & bright the day before we had a huge fight lets put that behind us on this day and really mean what we have to say open your heart & let the words be said otherwise i will be living in your head