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Never try to find anything unique

Never try to find anything unique or special in a person, the day you lose that person forever – will be the day you realize that the person itself was unique!


I Know I Have Not Behaved

I Know I Have Not Behaved Right. I Know I Have Hurt You. I Am Feeling Very Guilty And I Will Try To Make It Up To You. Please Forgive Me. Sorry!


You cant change how people

You can’t change how people feel about you, so don’t try. Just live your life and be happy!

Missing You

Whenever I Miss

Whenever I Miss You, I Wont Look For You In My Dreams Or Try To Hear Your Voice In Your Messages. I Just Put My Right Hand Across My Chest And I Feel You…


A man had I LOVE YOU tattooed

A man had ‘I LOVE YOU’ tattooed on his dick. He went home and proudly showed his wife. ‘There you go again, trying to put words into my mouth’, she said.