Quotes and Images for Wait - Page 1


Dont wait until it is too late to tell

Don’t wait until it is too late to tell someone how much you love, how much you care. Because when they are gone, no matter how loud you shout and cry, they won’t hear you anymore.


A true friend understands

A true friend understands when you say, ‘I forgot’ Waits forever when you say, ‘1 minute’ Stays when you say, ‘leave me alone’ and opens the door, ‘even before you knock.. ‘


Always waits

So, I will stand here forever, If forever is what it takes, because you are my forever, and forever always waits.

Good Night


Sleep well, and that’s I will pray for you; May you get what you want and through. Wait for a new dawn and a day; As I wish you a lovely night today. Good Night!


Waiting for its turn

Life is like a coin Pleasure and pain are the two sides, Only one side is visible at time, But remember other side also waiting for its turn