Wife Quotes


Notice where I scraped off the ‘S’

For my wife’s birthday, I bought her a small bottle of exclusive perfume called ‘Ample’. . . . I just hope she does not notice where I scraped off the ‘S’!


Wait a minute and I will put it on

Wife: I have bought you a beautiful surprise for your birthday, it has just arrived. Husband: I am curious to see it. Wife: Wait a minute and I will put it on.


Dear Married People

Dear Married People, Buddha had to invent a whole new religion to escape his wife that’s how difficult it is!


A husband was stung by a bee

A husband was stung by a bee on his pnes and it became swollen. His wife prayed, ‘Oh God may you remove off the pain and leave the size as it is.


Wife to maid

Wife to maid: I Think my husband ‘s having an affair with his secretary. Maid: you are only saying it to make me jealous.


Women live a better

Women live a better, longer and peaceful life.. !! Why? Very simple… A woman does not have a wife.. !!!


Statement bereft of facts

On her birthday and our anniversary, I also want to share on FB that my wife is best wife in the world. But I need some experience to make such an announcement. So for that, more wives are needed otherwise it would be hollow statement bereft of facts!