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Love Message Of The Day

Love Message Of The Day: Our Heart Is The Best Hypocrite In The World.. ! We Think It Beats For Us Inside But It Beats For Someone Else Who Is Inside It.. !



Love Advice: Do not love the one who is Beautiful for the World; But love the one who makes your World beautiful!


Pretty Creepy Place

If People Winked In Real Life, As Much As They Do In Texts…. This World Would Be A Pretty Creepy Place ..


Let all my smile

Let all my smile be yours All your tears be mine, Let all my happiness be yours All your sadness be mine, Let the whole world be yours, Only you be mine Do not forget me……….


When life changes and we go

When life changes and we go our separate ways, You will still be in my heart til my dying days. I tell no lie this is true, my world has never seen a friend like you!


Time and beyond distance

In this world, where everything seems uncertain, only one thing is definite. You will always be my friend, beyond words, beyond time and beyond distance!