Latest Quotes for Friendship


Friendship Is A Relation

Friendship Is A Relation, Where No Charges Of Activation, Free Incoming, Free Outgoing, With Roaming Facility All Over The World….. !

Popular Quotes in Funny


Police arrested a drunkard

Police arrested a drunkard & asked: Where are you going? Man: I am going to listen lecture on ill effects of drinking. Cop: Who will lecture at midnight ?? Man: My wife?

Daily Quotes for Love


Our heart is the greatest cheater

‘Our heart is the greatest cheater in the world.. It makes thousands of different excuses to stay in touch wid the people we love.. ‘


Loving You Makes Me The Best

I Am Not A Writer, But I Have Written Our Love Story. I Am Not A Poet, But I Wrote For You A Poem. I Am Not A Singer, But I Sing A Love Song For You. I Am Not A Dancer, But I Dance With You In The Rain. I Am Not A Painter, But I Have Painted The Rainbow For You. I Am Not Perfect, But Loving You Makes Me The Best.