Latest Quotes for Friendship


Friend ship is a priceless

Friend ship is a priceless gift which can not be bought or sold but it is greater than THE MOUNTAIN OF GOLD

Popular Quotes in Funny


One frog asked Astrologer

One frog asked Astrologer: Please tell my future Astrologer: A smart girl will touch you. Frog: Great.. ! But when & where? Astrologer: next semester in Zoology lab

Daily Quotes for Love


Tears in your eyes

Anyone can make you SMILE, anyone can make you CRY, But it is that special person That can make you smile with tears in your eyes.


You Are perfect in My Eyes

You Are perfect in My Eyes Sometimes too Good to be True. I could not believe My Eyes First Time looked at you! You Are perfect in my eyes What i say is true.. and i am longing for the day When i will be perfect to you.. !!