If God meant each day

If God meant each day to be perfect, He would not have invented tomorrows. So do not worry if today is not that perfect day, you still have TOMORROW. Good Night!

Perhaps I need you

If one day you call… And there is no answer… Come fast to see me. Perhaps I need you.

A typical student flips

A typical student flips a coin and think. If Head- will go to sleep. If Tail- will watch a move. If Stands- will listen music. If Stays in air- will study

Your Anniversary Marks The Day

Your Anniversary Marks The Day When You Both Said ‘I Do! ‘ The Two Of You Became As One, A Marriage Bright And New. Now Time Has Passed; Your Love Is Strong; You Passed The Early Test. Your Tender Bond Grows With Passing Time; Your Marriage Is The Kind That’s Best! Happy Wedding Anniversary!