There is a clown in my heart

There is a clown in my heart. Small and very special, he can dance and jump, laugh and sing... are you sad and crying, you can borrow him.


' SLEEP' S- Say Thanx To The God. L- Lying On The God. E-eye Closed Slowly. E- End Of The Day. P-plan For The Next Day.

A man in Gods shop

A man in God's shop: Man: What do you sell? God: Whatever your heart desires. Man: I want success and happiness. God smiles and says: I sell only seeds, not fruits!

Wife is very clever

Wife is very clever. She will lay her head on your chest and ask - 'Honey, have you ever cheated on me? ' And the wait for your heart to beat fast. Dear Innocent Husbands, Be careful and please adjust your heart beats accordingly!