If love gets broken

If love gets broken, you can look for a new one. If a glass gets broken, you can always buy a new one. But if friendship gets broken, you can never have the same one… !

If love gets broken
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Write It On Your Heart That Every

Write It On Your Heart That Every Day Is The Best Day In The Year. No Man Has Learned Anything Rightly, Until He Know That Every Day Is Doomsday.

A good morning creates

A good morning creates a good mood, A good mood creates a good work A good work creates a good day A good day make you happy Your happiness make me happy. Good Morning!

If I get a chance to go to Moon

If I get a chance to go to Moon, My great wish is I will draw your face on the MoonSo that through out the night, wherever I goI can see your face.

Life moving with smile

worrying doesn’t solve tomorrow’s trouble, instead it takes away today’s Peace so don’t worry for anything and keep your life moving with smile