Moron Virus Comes

Moron Virus Comes via Web-Mail...
Moron Virus: Dear Receiver,
You have just recieved a virus.
Since I am not so technologically advanced,
This is a manual virus.
Please delete all your
files on your hard disk yourself,
And send this to everyone you know.

Moron Virus Comes
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You Are perfect in My Eyes

You Are perfect in My Eyes Sometimes too Good to be True. I could not believe My Eyes First Time looked at you! You Are perfect in my eyes What i say is true.. and i am longing for the day When i will be perfect to you.. !!

Happy Birthday

This message has: No Fat No cholesterol And No Additives It is all natural except a lot of sugar; But it can never be as sweet as the it is meant for one. Happy Birthday!

I wish people were like money

I wish people were like money; so you could hold them up to the light to see which ones are real and which ones are fake.