You'Re The Winter Sun

You'Re The Winter Sun,
You'Re The Summer Breeze,
On A December Rose,
You are A Drop Of Dew,
After Cloudy Nights,
Of Good Morning Shimmer,
You are The First Ray,
You are The First Ray...
Good Morning, ...

You'Re The Winter Sun
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Voice wishing you good night

This night is magical, The stars sparkle and they are bright, But nothing is more beautiful than seeing your smile, That glows in the starlight, As you listen to my voice wishing you good night.

Nobody understands the reason why

Nobody understands the reason why we all meet in this journey of life. We may not be related by blood. We may not know each other from the beginning, but God puts us together to share wonderful relations through our heart!

As you admire the wonderful things

As you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you are one of them - wonderful inside and out. You are blessed. You are special. You are loved!