The stars do not desert the dark

The stars do not desert the dark sky. They instead shine the brightest to remind us that even during the darkest of times, your intelligence, knowledge and wisdom shall stand by you in good stead. Good Night!

To start a day is just like painting

To start a day is - just like painting. Draw the lines with prayers; Erase the errors with forgiveness; Dip the brush with patience; And colour it with love. Good Day!

Love your loved

love your loved one, , even when she is stopped loving you with more love then you will got succeed in your love, , never love some one with out believing her

Good Morning Friends

May Be You don't Have Powers Like God.. But Still You Control My Heart And Mind... May Be You Don't Have Wings To Fly.. But You Are Still a Prince To Me.. May Be You Are Not Richest In World.. But Still You Rule My Heart With Your Smile Time Will Always Fly, But Our Friendship Will Never Die...... Good Morning Friends...