You have to Take the Good

You have to Take the Good with the Bad,
Smile with the Sad,
Love what you have,
Remember What You Had.
Always Forgive, But Never Forget.
Learn From Your Mistakes, But Never Regret.
People Change, Things Go Wrong,
Just Remember Life Goes On. !

You have to Take the Good
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You make me happier

You make me happier Than i ever thought i could be And if you let me I will spend the rest of my life Trying to make you feel the same way.

Know You Wont Be There

I am Sorry For Blaming You, For Everything I Just Couldn't Do And I have Hurt Myself By Hurting You, There's Nothing I Wouldn't Do To Hear Your Voice Again Sometimes, I Want To Call You, But I Know You Won't Be There.

Deepest Care is the Biggest

Deepest Care is the Biggest Sorrow in this World Never care for a Person more than yourself... It will hurt you a lot when you realize that.... your care was not their need.. !