Unbeatable Message

Unbeatable Message:
What's Longer than Mother's Love?
What's Lovely than sister Fight?
Which Pillow is better than lover's lap?
What's Warmer than dad's Hug?
What's Sweeter than a Baby's kiss?
What's Tastier than Mom's Cooking?
What's stronger than Friends shoulders?
Ans: There is no substitute for these things. Never Miss them in Life.. !

Unbeatable Message
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True Heart Touching

True Heart Touching Lines: If i have to choose between Loving You and Breathing.... I will choose my last breath to say I LOVE You.. !

Keep people in your life

Keep people in your life who truly love you, motivate you, encourage you, enhance you and make you happy.

Deepest Care is the Biggest

Deepest Care is the Biggest Sorrow in this World Never care for a Person more than yourself... It will hurt you a lot when you realize that.... your care was not their need.. !

The key to any longterm

The key to any long-term relationship is for both of you not to be angry at the same time. Taking turns forgiving keeps your love strong!