L is a simple line

l is a simple line,
l stand for L or I,
if l is L
l stand for life, love, like lonely etc.
if l is I, l stand only I, but by combining two ‘ll’ with their core hearts induce ‘H’
So by combing core hearts of I induce H with reflection of whole I

L is a simple line
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Close your eyes as you blow

Close your eyes as you blow the candles, On a heart-shaped cake, Think about your bright future, And all the great things you are going to make!

Every task is easy

Every task is easy to you, if you know every thing about it. and also if you have confidence to do it.

Earth may forget rotating

Earth may forget rotating; Candles may forget melting; Birds may forget flying; Hearts may forget beating; But I will never forget wishing you on your special day. Happy Birthday Dear!