You have to Take the Good

You have to Take the Good with the Bad, Smile with the Sad, Love what you have, And Remember What You Had. Always Forgive, But Never Forget. Learn From Your Mistakes, But Never Regret. People Change, Things Go Wrong, Just Remember Life Goes On. !

Birthday Message For Son

Birthday Message For Son I am So Glad That God Gave Me A Son Like You. I am So Proud To Have You As A Son. I See A Little More Of Me In You With Each Passing Year. No Matter How Many Birthdays Come And Go, You will Always Be My Little Boy. Happy Birthday Son.

Whats fashion designing

What's fashion designing? Too many brains With too many ideas working on too little pieces of cloth... just to cover two little tits of a model.

I Found Aaladins Lamp

I Found Aaladin's Lamp I Asked Him to Increase Your Brain Ten Times More.. He Laughed & told Multiplication Does Not Apply On Zero.. !