Telling a lie is a sin

Telling a lie is a sin for a child,
fault for an adult ,
an art for a lover,
a profession for a lawyer,
a requirement for a politician,
management for a boss,
an accomplishment for a bachelor,
an excuse for a subordinate and
a Matter of Survival for a married man.

Telling a lie is a sin
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Smooth Roads Never Make

Smooth Roads Never Make Good Drivers. Smooth Sea Never Make Good Sailors. Clear Skies Never Make Good Pilots. Problem Free Life Never Makes A Strong & Good Person. Have A Tough, But Winning Day Ahead. Be Strong Enough To Accept The Challenges Of Life.

Once a storm came

Once a storm came and fallen down all trees, but couldn't apart a butterfly from a rose. Nature asked whats magic behind this? Butterfly said, 'We are friends! '