As Butterflies Open Their Wings

As Butterflies Open Their Wings, To Meet The Coming Of A New Day. May The Angels Do The Same, And Carry You On Their Wings... To Keep You Safe Throughout The Day. Have A NIce Day

If a girl is not in luv wid

'If a girl is not in luv wid any boy, she is missin somethin in life' 'If a boy is in love wid a girl, He will miss Everythin in life.

Todays weather forecast

Today's weather forecast: DAY: bright sunshine Night: full moon TEMPREATURE: 101 degree Soon it will be raining... WELCOME TO MY SHOWER OF LOVE!

Life is a gift wrapped

Life is a gift wrapped with love, It is a gift sent from up above. Life is a present that comes from the people you love, It is a dream, a wish, a white dove.