Missing you babe

I am neither that sweet that you get diabetes;
Nor am I that salty that you get High BP;
I am even not that tasty that you get joy;
But I am not that sour even that you do not even remember me.
Missing you babe!

Missing you babe
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Makes me blush

Youre not only my Candy, you are also my Crush; Whenever I see your Pic, it makes me blush!

A beautiful thoughtLife

A beautiful thought-Life is not just waiting for someone who is made for you. But, Life is living for someone who lives because of you….

Less competition there

There are two kinds of people, those that do the work andthose that take the credit. Try to be in the first group, there is less competition there

Sweetheart darling my only eyes

Sweetheart darling my only eyes that I even use to hear, goodnite, sleep well 4tonite will be my wonderful nite withU I love you, for I cannt go any where minus eyes who is you. :