Beauty of a strong relation

When relationship is weak, simple words like Thank you, Sorry, Welcomes, Good Bye, No Problem and make a big difference.
But when relationships are strong Shut up, Get lost, Nonsense, Idiot or even Go to hell; will not have any impact.
That's the beauty of a strong relation!

Beauty of a strong relation
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Very good day

I have no yesterdays, Time took them away, Tomorrow may not be mine, But I have Today So wish you my friend a very good day...

Always be there for you when all leave

You may meet people who're: Better than me Funnier than me More beautiful than me But one thing I can say to you - I will always be there for you when they all leave you!

30 Years Of His Life

The Man Who ViewsThe World At 50 The Same As He Did At 20 Has Wasted 30 Years Of His Life.