Change Quotes


The 3 C’s Of Life

The 3 C’s Of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You Must Make A Choice To Take A Chance Or Your Life Will Never Change.


Nice words

Nice words… ‘The world We have created is a product of our thinking.. ; It cannot be changed without changing our thinking’.. !


You have to Take the Good

You have to Take the Good with the Bad, Smile with the Sad, Love what you have, And Remember What You Had. Always Forgive, But Never Forget. Learn From Your Mistakes, But Never Regret. People Change, Things Go Wrong, Just Remember Life Goes On. !


A couple planned to commit

A couple planned to commit suicide together… but once the wife killed herself, he changed his mind as things suddenly looked more positive!


Innovating When You Succeed

There Are No Permanent Failures And No Permanent Victories, Because There Is Always Change And Shifting. Keep Walking When You Fail. Keep Innovating When You Succeed


Change is a nature of life

Change is a nature of life. but challenge is a aim of life so you have to challenge the changes. but not to change challenge


Change a thing

If the road ahead is not so easy, Our love will lead the way for us Like a guiding star I will be there for you if you should need me You do not have to change a thing


A fool may be known by six things

A fool may be known by six things : anger without cause, speech without profit, change without progress, enquiry without object, putting trust in a stranger, mistaking foes for friends.