Finish Quotes


Quitand quitters never Win

A man is not finishedwhen he is defeated. He is finished when he QUITS. So never QUIT becausewinners never quitand quitters never Win.


At age of 5 we started

At age of 5 we started study with Tear & Age 18 we will finish study With Tear. 1st tear was water & 2nd Would be Fear of missing Dear ones Forever

Good Morning

When one flight gets delayed

When one flight gets delayed, it delays other scheduled flights after it and frustrates more people. When you are unable to finish a task on time, let go. Park it and move to the next task as scheduled. Good Morning!


At age 3 we started

At age 3 we started study with tear and at age 22 we will finish study with tears. 1st tear was water and second would be fear of missing dears forever.