Flower Quotes


Raise the level of your words

Raise the level of your words but not the voice. For it is the rain that grows flowers and not the thunder!


A drunk man arrives

A drunk man arrives late at home. He knows his wife will not open the door, so he decides to pretend he bought her flowers and knocks at the door. Wife: Who is it? Drunk: I bring flowers for the pretty lady. Wife opens the door and says: Where are the flowers? Drunk: Where is the pretty lady? The guy is recovering from deep injuries!


Bee Love Honey

Bee Love Honey People Love Money Flower Love Dew But I LOVE YOU HONEY


Flower says

Flower says: Touch me not Message says: Erase me not Time says: Waste me not And i says………… Forget me NoT


Make new friend

Make new friend remember the old these are silver those are gold ‘frdshp is the meldy’and fragrance of life ‘frdshp is a beautiful part of life ‘frdshp is a beautiful flower ‘life without frndshp is nothing ‘many are the name applied to frndshp but where youth and beauty enter in there frndshp is rightly called love and held to be the fairest of god


God picked up a flower

God picked up a flower and dipped it in a DEW; Lovingly touched it which turned in to YOU; And then He gifted to me and said, ‘this friend is for you’!