Love is spending the rest

Love is spending the rest of your life with someone you want to kill and not doing it because you had miss them!

A couple planned to commit

A couple planned to commit suicide together… but once the wife killed herself, he changed his mind as things suddenly looked more positive!

I am a killer

I am a killer, i kill people for money, but you are my friend I KILL YOU FOR FREE!!

Things in boys room

Things in boys room! Before Marriage: Perfumes Love Letters Gifts Friendship Cards After Marriage: Pain Killers Loan Papers Unpaid Bills List for Shopping Happy Unmarried Life

Thought for the night

Thought for the night: Don’t waste time by thinking about your past or future! Better kill some mosquitoes in that time. So that you can sleep better.. !

Picked my poison and it is you

Nothing can kill me like you do; You are going straight to my head. And I am heading straight for the edge; I picked my poison and it is you!