Kind Quotes


My friends are very special

My friends are very special because they are funny, friendly, crazy, nuts, mental, daft, kind and caring. But most of all, they are all the more special because they are mine!


Live a life of love

Live a life of love, honesty, appreciation, kindness and strength -sprinkled with a little silliness!


Less competition there

There are two kinds of people, those that do the work andthose that take the credit. Try to be in the first group, there is less competition there

Good Night

A pleasant Sweet Dream

A pleasant Sweet Dream is approaching fastly in your Sleep Zone Area. Kindly close your eyes and feel the pleasure of comforts. Sleep Tight! Good Night!


Round on Sundays

Teacher: What shape is the earth? Student: I do not know. Teacher: Well! What kind of earrings does your girlfriend wear? Student: Square ones. Teacher: No, I mean the ones she wear on Sunday. Student: Round Teacher: Then, What shape is the earth? Student: Square on weekdays and round on Sundays.


Build walls instead of bridges

Be the kind of person you would like to be with. Some people come into our lives, Make footprints on our hearts and we are never the same. People are lonely because they build walls instead of bridges.


The wrong kind of people

The wrong kind of people hate you, for the good in you; And the right kind of people love you, even after knowing the bad in you. That makes the perfect definition of a relationship!


Why do I miss you Because you make

Why do I miss you? Because you make me smile. You are so kind. You are so sweet. You are very funny. And most of all, because you are not texting me any more. That’s why.