Mobile Quotes


Wat happened to your mobile

wat happened to your mobile? i was trying to call you but i got this message welcome to the jungle network the monkey you are trying to call is on tree please try later


On a romantic day a girlfriend

On a romantic day a girlfriend asks from her boyfriend, ‘Darling on our engagement day will you give me a ring? ‘ Boy : ‘Ya sure, from landline or mobile? ‘.


One day Raja and rani

One day Raja and rani decided to send messages to each other by using Pigeon instead of mobile. The very next day pigeon reached raja without any message. He angried and called to rani. She told stupid ‘This was a missed call’

Good Morning

An ideal day should begin

An ideal day should begin with a cute little yawn on your face, A cup of coffee in your hand & A sms from me on your mobile? ! Have a great day! Good Morning.


Smile to old means respect

Smile to old means respect, Smile to a child means innocence…. Smiling infront of mobile means mental… , Still smiling!!! Confirmed…


Hello Whats wrong

Hello!! What’s wrong with your mobile? Tried so many times but Every time I call it says: The subscriber your are trying to reach is in your heart!

Missing You

A thousand things

A thousand things in between us: Low Battery Busy Network No Coverage No Time Heavy Work But still… when the mobile beeps, I think only of you!


Hey Friends feeling

Hey Friends feeling bored want to play a puzzle game.. . . . Just throw your pc or mobile on the wall and start arranging its pieces… and enjoy..