Result Quotes

Good Morning

Success lies not in the result

Success lies not in the result but in the effort. ‘Being’ the best is not at all important; ‘Doing’ the best is all that matters. Good Morning!


Love has a magic time

love has a magic time love only one time rest will be sweet time loving too many time result will be always sad time


Good friend or a good lesson

If you trust someone, trust till the end, whatever the result may be. In the end, either you will have a good friend or a good lesson.

Good Day

Good results are generated

Good results are generated at the end of the day only if Good Thoughts are generated at the beginning of the day. Have a beautiful day!


Learning From Failure

There Are No Secrets To Success. Not Even A Shortcut To Success. It Is The Result Of Preparation, Hard Work, Learning From Failure.

Good Night

Dreams Give Rise

Dreams Give Rise To Hope, Hope Inspires Efforts, Efforts Result In Success, So Dreams Are The Roots Of Success!!!

Good Morning

If God can move you from January

If God can move you from January to December, He will surely move you from Shame to Fame, Insults to Results, Sorry to Glory, Disgrace to Grace, Labour to Favour, Mockery to Victory And raise you from Glory to Glory. Good Morning and have a nice day!