Safe Quotes


Emotions at safe distance

Thought of the day: If false praises works on her, keep your true emotions at safe distance!


Life is wonder live

life is wonder live thing enjoy with every lovely thing be safe from all evil thing days will be bright from everything


Keep them safe

Who walks with us through the difficult part of life? Mom Dad? No! Husband Wife? No! Friends? No! One and only our slippers!!!! So keep them safe

Good Morning

If You Wanna Win A Girl

If You Wanna Win A Girl: Surprise Her, Give Her Long Hugs, Make Her Feel Safe, Give Her Forehead Kisses, & Good morning Messages.


Any Man Who Can Drive Safely

Any Man Who Can Drive Safely While Kissing A Girl Is Simply Not Giving The KISS The Attention It Deserves …

Good Day

As Butterflies Open Their Wings

As Butterflies Open Their Wings, To Meet The Coming Of A New Day. May The Angels Do The Same, And Carry You On Their Wings… To Keep You Safe Throughout The Day. Have A NIce Day


Money Is A Small Coin

Money Is A Small Coin, Health Is A Big Coin, Love Is A Lucky Coin, Happiness Is A Sweet Coin, But Friendship Is A Gold Coin. So Always Keep It Safe And Secured!