Wing Quotes


Your kisses are etched in my mind

Your kisses are etched in my mind, Like butterfly wings, My heart flutters with each thought of you.

Good Morning

Every new day

Every new day is a new chance to shine, A new chance to reach the sky. So, I give you the new day, Today, the morning will give you the wings to fly.


Remember the last time

Remember the last time you did something great, These are the things that you should never forget, Because knowing that you once succeeded will give you wings, And help you live your life fully, conquering new things.

Good Day

As Butterflies Open Their Wings

As Butterflies Open Their Wings, To Meet The Coming Of A New Day. May The Angels Do The Same, And Carry You On Their Wings… To Keep You Safe Throughout The Day. Have A NIce Day

Good Night

How can I call the lone night

How can I call the lone night good, Though thy sweet wishes wing its flight? Be it not said, thought, understood — Then it will be — good night.