I want to wish you a treasure

I want to wish you a treasure
Of happiness from the year gone by,
And I want to give you a lasting reminder
That you are very special to me
And you always will be.
Warm wishes for a Happy Birthday to you!

I want to wish you a treasure
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Truth of life

Truth of life - Mother's tears hit your heart and wife's tears hit your pocket.

You'Re The Winter Sun

You'Re The Winter Sun, You'Re The Summer Breeze, On A December Rose, You are A Drop Of Dew, After Cloudy Nights, Of Good Morning Shimmer, You are The First Ray, You are The First Ray... Good Morning, ...

Guard the 3 Ts

Guard the 3 Ts for Life: Your Thought when alone; Your Tongue when in public; Your Temper when with loved ones! Have a Good Day!

Whats The Difference Between Ability

What's The Difference Between Ability And Character.... ?? Ability Will Get Us To The Top.... !! But... Character Will Allow Us To Stay At The Top......... !!!!