Eye Quotes

Good Night

Sweetheart darling my only eyes

Sweetheart darling my only eyes that I even use to hear, goodnite, sleep well 4tonite will be my wonderful nite withU I love you, for I cannt go any where minus eyes who is you. :

Good Day

An intelligent person will open

An intelligent person will open your mind; A beautiful person will open your eyes; And a loving person will open your heart. May your day is blessed with all of them!


Real Tears

Real Tears Are Not Those That Fall From Eyes And Cover The Face, But Those That Fall From Heart And Cover The Soul?


If love is blind and marriage

If love is blind and marriage is an eye opener, then divorce would surely be a champagne bottle opener.


Heart with a wound

If you genuinely love someone: Do not ever decorate their eyes with tears; Their ears with lies; And their heart with a wound!


Some people have nice eyes

Some people have nice eyes… some people have nice smile, others have nice faces, but you have all of them with a nice heart!

Good Night

A pleasant Sweet Dream

A pleasant Sweet Dream is approaching fastly in your Sleep Zone Area. Kindly close your eyes and feel the pleasure of comforts. Sleep Tight! Good Night!


Why do tears Come

Why do tears Come Rushing When you are ignored by Someone you Love? Because Its the only Way How your eyes speak When your mouth can not explain How much you need them in your life.. !!

Missing You

Missed the fresh air

Close your eyes; Relax your body; And now hold your breath for as long as you can. I miss you as much as you missed the fresh air!