Year Quotes


Usually grow up into cauliflowers

Thought of the day: When you meet your girl classmate after several years, you realize that flowers usually grow up into cauliflowers!


God Bless You On Your Birthday

God Bless You On Your Birthday, And Each Day All Year Through, For All The Loving Things You Are And All The Things You Do. God Bless You For Your Warm And Love, And More Than Any Other, God Bless You Just For Being You Happy Birthday Dear.


Relationship Is Like A Book

Relationship Is Like A Book, It May Take Few Seconds To Burn, But, Year’s To Write, Write It Carefully And, Never Let It Burn.. !

Missing You

I need a kiss

I need a kiss; I require hugs; I long for love; I yearn for warmth; I want to feel an intimate touch. But mostly I need all the above. And that too, from you and you only! Miss you, babe!