Eye Quotes


I try to close my eyes

I try to close my eyes because I might see you; I try to close my mouth because I might say your name; I try to close my ears because I might hear of you; But I ca not close my heart because I ca not forget you!


Tears in your eyes

Anyone can make you SMILE, anyone can make you CRY, But it is that special person That can make you smile with tears in your eyes.


Try again later

Earlier: Love started with eyes, Grew with gifts, ended with tears. Now: Love starts from cellphone, Grows with messages and Ends with – ‘The number your calling is currently busy please try again later’!


You Are perfect in My Eyes

You Are perfect in My Eyes Sometimes too Good to be True. I could not believe My Eyes First Time looked at you! You Are perfect in my eyes What i say is true.. and i am longing for the day When i will be perfect to you.. !!

Good Night

Take one spoon full

Take one spoon full of sugar and put it in your eyes – now you will have sweet dreams. If you want spicy dreams, try chili powder. Good Night!

Good Night

As my eyes close to rest

As my eyes close to rest at night, A smile appears to have thought that you are there in my life and have promised to forever be. Sweet Dreams, Good Night!

Good Night

Nice sleep

Close your eyes, Concentrate your mind & Pray to god about the things That you want most. GOD must fulfill your prayer… Have a nice sleep…


Person at the moment

Love is when There are a million things you wanna say to someone but when they look you in eyes and hold you in arms nothing in life matters other than being with that person at the moment