Friendship dont let it drown

They say there is Life!
we see it! we touch it! we live it!!
So there is life on our bodies!
we do not or cant to see it!
we do not touch it!
we live it! we can! It live! is a life ‘that’ we live!
It’s a Ship of life!!
Keep it with a friendship dont let it drown!

Friendship dont let it drown
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Days begin with hopes

Days begin with hopes and ends with dreams. Everyday starts with some expectation but everyday surely ends with some experience. That’s life!

Friends are fruitcake of our lives

Friends are fruitcake of our lives. Some are nutty, some are soaked in alcohol, some firm, some sweet, but altogether, they are great to have in your life.

Some people have nice eyes

Some people have nice eyes… some people have nice smile, others have nice faces, but you have all of them with a nice heart!