Good Morning

To have a lovely life;
Either, one must have a True Lover Greater than All Friends,
Or, One must have a True Friend who Really Cares,
More than a Lover…
Good Morning !!

Good Morning
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God blessings comes

God blessings comes as a surprise & how much we receive depends on how much we believe Good Morning!

Push down if you miss

Push down if you miss me… that is sweet of you …… Very sweet indeed …. You can stop now ….. You really miss me, …. me too.

A new day has opened

A new day has opened its eyes, I hope you open your mesmerizing eyes really soon, Because the new day has reached out its hands, And it is calling out for you.

The 3 C’s Of Life

The 3 C’s Of Life: Choices, Chances, Changes. You Must Make A Choice To Take A Chance Or Your Life Will Never Change.