Telling a lie is a sin

Telling a lie is a sin for a child, fault for an adult , an art for a lover, a profession for a lawyer, a requirement for a politician, management for a boss, an accomplishment for a bachelor, an excuse for a subordinate and . a Matter of Survival for a married man.

Forget you Missing you

I was on a ship thinking of you. When I looked down I dropped a tear in the ocean. Then I promised myself that until someone finds it. I won't forget you! Missing you!

Its good to sit alone

Its good to sit alone for at least some time everyday.. But When you sit alone, do not sit with your past.. Sit alone to dream your Future.. !

Special offer for you

Hi, How are you?? Are you free tomorrow.. ? Can you come to me.. ? Because tomorrow we are opening new . . Mental Hospital admission free, special offer for you.