Some say you are ugly

Some say you are ugly, Some say you are jungly, Some say you are pugly, but I say you are lovely.

I have 5 finger for these reasons

I have 5 finger for these reasons: -My little finger to make promises for my best friends -My ring finger for someone special when the time is right -My middle finger to those who are jealeous and show high attitude to me -My index finger to silence those who speak ill of me -My thumb to show the rest of the world that i will be fine no matter how hard life is.

Beautiful friendship saying

Beautiful friendship saying: Life can give us a number of beautiful friends; But; Only True Friends can give us a Beautiful Life.

Loving You Makes Me The Best

I Am Not A Writer, But I Have Written Our Love Story. I Am Not A Poet, But I Wrote For You A Poem. I Am Not A Singer, But I Sing A Love Song For You. I Am Not A Dancer, But I Dance With You In The Rain. I Am Not A Painter, But I Have Painted The Rainbow For You. I Am Not Perfect, But Loving You Makes Me The Best.