Mind and thoughts forever

It's not like that I miss You so much. It's more like I miss You being together! You are in my heart, mind and thoughts forever!

Loving You Makes Me The Best

I Am Not A Writer, But I Have Written Our Love Story. I Am Not A Poet, But I Wrote For You A Poem. I Am Not A Singer, But I Sing A Love Song For You. I Am Not A Dancer, But I Dance With You In The Rain. I Am Not A Painter, But I Have Painted The Rainbow For You. I Am Not Perfect, But Loving You Makes Me The Best.

Stars have settled moon

Stars have settled & moon will shine, friendship matures like lovely wine, a very lovely night to a friend of mine, may your night be cool & fine Good Night Dear

Relationship Tip for Men

Relationship Tip for Men: When a woman says, correct me if I am wrong... but don't ever do it. Its's a trap. Do not - I repeat, do not correct that woman!