A 5 year old boy

A 5 year old boy asked his friend. What is friendship? He replied: Friendship is when you rob my chocolate every day from my bag. I still keep it in same place.

As day turns to night

As day turns to night, , keep your worries out of sight…. No matter how tough the world may seem… You still deserve the sweetest dream ….. Gud Nyt.

Destiny awaits those who dare

Destiny awaits those who dare to dream… but to dream you have to go to sleep.. so rush towards your bed… Good night..

Beauty of a strong relation

When relationship is weak, simple words like Thank you, Sorry, Welcomes, Good Bye, No Problem and make a big difference. But when relationships are strong Shut up, Get lost, Nonsense, Idiot or even Go to hell; will not have any impact. That’s the beauty of a strong relation!