Your Anniversary Marks The Day

Your Anniversary Marks The Day When You Both Said ‘I Do! ‘ The Two Of You Became As One, A Marriage Bright And New. Now Time Has Passed; Your Love Is Strong; You Passed The Early Test. Your Tender Bond Grows With Passing Time; Your Marriage Is The Kind That’s Best! Happy Wedding Anniversary!

When you love someone truly

When you love someone truly, you do not look for faults, you do not look for answers, you do not look for mistakes. Instead, you fight the mistakes, you accept the faults and overlook the excuses.

The mist turns to light

The mist turns to light, Morning takes over the night. Another beautiful day dawning, It’s time to wish you a very Good Morning!

Slowly you enters my heart

slowly you enters my heart and now in every direction there is you. really you are true miricall to me, you will always be the most beautiful star that twinkle my heart.