Start Quotes


Days begin with hopes

Days begin with hopes and ends with dreams. Everyday starts with some expectation but everyday surely ends with some experience. That’s life!

Good Day

Pray and start your day

Pray and start your day with the belief that as long as there is someone in the sky to protect me, there is no one on earth who could break me! Good Day!


Beauty is start of life

Beauty is start of life, beauty is art of life, risk is part of life, and good friend is heart of life


Decided in HEAVEN

To begin with, We might have been strangers, but the closer we came, the more we started realizing that not only marriages but even ‘FRIENDSHIPS’ are decided in ‘HEAVEN’


A solid truth when you start

A solid truth- when you start loving somebody, you start caring about yourself. But when you start caring about others, somebody starts loving you!


At age 3 we started

At age 3 we started study with tear and at age 22 we will finish study with tears. 1st tear was water and second would be fear of missing dears forever.