Dreams come true

May the roses of love be with you..
May the breeze of happiness be with you..
May the river of joy be with you..
May the rain drops of god's blessings be with you..
May all your dreams come true!

Dreams come true
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Positive Prints

View A Negative Experience In Your Life Like How You Look At A Photo Negative. ... A Single Negative Can Create An Unlimited Number Of Positive Prints !!!

Statement bereft of facts

On her birthday and our anniversary, I also want to share on FB that my wife is best wife in the world. But I need some experience to make such an announcement. So for that, more wives are needed otherwise it would be hollow statement bereft of facts!

Before you go to sleep tonight

Before you go to sleep tonight look out the window to witness a beautiful sight. The moon and the stars are shining so bright all because they want to wish you a sweet good night.