The secret of health for both mind

The secret of health for both mind and body Is not to mourn for the past, Not to worry about the future, Nor to anticipate troubles, But to live in the present Moment wisely and earnestly.

Make up your mind

Wife: I want an explaination and I want the truth. Husband: Make up your mind!

A rupee is easy to earn

A rupee is easy to earn; But a friend is hard to find. A rupee loses its value; But a friend increases its worth. It cost me to send you a message; But I don’t care since I got a friend like You!

Need to see

Love is not to say, But to understand. Love is not to show, But to feel inside. Love is not to find faults, But to make the best. Love is not to demand, But to sacrifice. Love is not to hurt, But to take care of, Love is not blind, But it doesn’t need to see