When one flight gets delayed

When one flight gets delayed, it delays other scheduled flights after it and frustrates more people.
When you are unable to finish a task on time, let go. Park it and move to the next task as scheduled.
Good Morning!

When one flight gets delayed
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Loves you the most

It is a fact: When you are happy you will search for the person you love most, but when you are sad, you will search for the person who loves you the most!

Take home packet

Love and marriage Love is holding hands in the street. Marriage is holding arguments in the street. TV has no place in love. Marriage is a fight for remote control. Love is dinner in your favorite restaurant. Marriage is a take home packet.

Relationship is like a garden

Relationship is like a garden. It's beautiful when watered with love, care, tears and cheers. But it dries up if left untouched.