When one flight gets delayed

When one flight gets delayed, it delays other scheduled flights after it and frustrates more people.
When you are unable to finish a task on time, let go. Park it and move to the next task as scheduled.
Good Morning!

When one flight gets delayed
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Why do the good people

‘Why do the good people die? ‘ ‘If you are in a garden which flowers do you pick? ‘ ‘The most beautiful ones! ‘ ‘Exactly! ‘

A solid truth when you start

A solid truth- when you start loving somebody, you start caring about yourself. But when you start caring about others, somebody starts loving you!

Keep following your dreams

Girl: Why do you follow me all the time? Boy: Because, when I was kid, my parents always used to say ‘Keep following your dreams untill you get them’!

Dawn of a wonderful day

You woke up so early Is everything okay? You are so beautiful in the morning, Just like the new dawn of a wonderful day.