Wait a minute and I will put it on

Wife: I have bought you a beautiful surprise for your birthday, it has just arrived.
Husband: I am curious to see it.
Wife: Wait a minute and I will put it on.

Wait a minute and I will put it on
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1 Injection of trust

1 Injection of trust; 1 Tablet of care; 1 Syrup of attention; 1 Drip of understanding; Take 3 times a day. It's all necessary for the health of our Friendship!

L is a simple line

l is a simple line, l stand for L or I, if l is L l stand for life, love, like lonely etc. if l is I, l stand only I, but by combining two 'll' with their core hearts induce 'H' So by combing core hearts of I induce H with reflection of whole I

Let A Man Lose

'Let A Man Lose Everything Else In The World But His Enthusiasm And He Will Come Through Again To Success. ' - H. W. Arnold