God Quotes


Good Morning Friends

May Be You don’t Have Powers Like God.. But Still You Control My Heart And Mind… May Be You Don’t Have Wings To Fly.. But You Are Still a Prince To Me.. May Be You Are Not Richest In World.. But Still You Rule My Heart With Your Smile Time Will Always Fly, But Our Friendship Will Never Die…… Good Morning Friends…


After a Big Accident

After a Big Accident, A Man Was Crying : O God! I have Lost My Left Hand…


As you admire the wonderful things

As you admire the wonderful things God has made today, remember you are one of them – wonderful inside and out. You are blessed. You are special. You are loved!


My life is a story written

My life is a story written by God. I don’t know how exactly my friends came in to my story, but I hope they will be there in it until God writes my last chapter!



When I was born, GOD said, ‘Oh No! Another IDIOT’. When you were born, GOD said, ‘OH No! COMPETITION’. Who knew, one day these two will become FREINDS FOREVER!